Socially Responsible Development

Our Goal

At Braiyt AI our goal is to create human-centric technologies that solve both large and small problems. Technologies that we hope will make the world a little safer, a little easier, and more sustainable. AI has such incredible potential to help people in an unfathomable number of ways for the betterment of the human race and our planet.

However, it is important to acknowledge that everything has two sides, which can be created for the benefit of humankind can also be used to harm. So it is essential that our objectives are written down and followed at every stage of product development and implementation.

Braiyt AI platform is a privacy-minded solution designed to deliver biometric facial recognition that enables businesses to deliver enhanced consumer experience, while holding ourselves to the highest standards in consumer privacy.

Braiyt AI leads the market by offering strong thought leadership on our industry, and driving the evolution of best practices that support consumers’ right of notice, choice and transparency. We have designed our policies and business practices around these important pillars.

We believe that AI should be:

  • Socially Beneficial
  • Fair
  • Transparent, Privacy and Data Governance
  • Secure
  • Accountable


Montreal Declaration

Braiyt AI is a signatory to the Montreal Declaration, a collective endeavour that aims to steer the development of AI to support the common good and guide social change by making recommendations with a strong democratic legitimacy.