BraiytVu gives retailers a new “look” at their business and helps them better understand their customers. 

BraiytVu Dashboard
About Automotive and Subcontractors

Our Technology Help the Industry.

Using AI and existing security cameras, BraiytVu can identify the number and location of people in a store on an ongoing basis. Retailers can know how many customers and how they move on the premises, or where they spend their time, as they shop.


BraiytVu data is provided to store management directly to their phones or computers on a customized dashboard which displays customer metrics in real time and on an ongoing basis. The information can be presented in a variety of formats to provide valuable insights for both the operations and marketing teams of any business.


Retailers have the option to display selected BraiytVu content on a public facing monitor and also highlight store promotions or shopper information.


How it Works

Easy integration with your video network

Data From Your NVR/DVR

BraiytVu can input video feeds from different types of recording systems from your current network. No new infrastructure!

Plus Our Advanced AI models

BraiytVu’s uses AI algorithms and machine learning to detect and identify objects and people in the camera’s field of vision.

Analytics For Your Business

In real-time, sends event notifications and metrics directly on an easy-to-read intuitive management dashboard.

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