Braiyt Security

Braiyt delivers AI-enabled computer vision to organizations and businesses giving them security systems that never sleep and “see” in the dark.

About Automotive and Subcontractors

Our AI Technology Help the Security Industry.

Braiyt has developed a real-time, always-on active surveillance system that combines object detection and recognition algorithms that can determine the location and identity of objects in a facility. Using a mix of optical and infrared cameras, and LIDAR sensors, BrayitSecurity fuses these inputs into one module to give it the capability to see in all levels of light, including complete darkness, as well as to pinpoint objects in 3D.  Not only can BraiytSecurity tell  where someone is, it can also know who they are.  This also makes BraiytSecurity an excellent tool to manage secure access to restricted areas of any premises.


  • Minimal infrastructure – can use existing cameras
  • Scalable – from optical to infrared to LIDAR, you decide the extent of coverage
  • Includes an on-line customized, dashboard, for handhelds and desktops, to provide managers immediate information and alerts
  • Competitive pricing
How it Works

Our Approach


Conduct design lead approach to understand


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Field test solution to expose blind spots and validate models effectiveness.

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