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OTTAWA, ON. – June 10, 2020 – Ottawa based start-up Braiyt AI launches a new artificial intelligence solution to help safely reopen businesses amid COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organization, the transmission of COVID-19 primarily happens from person to person contact via small droplets coming from an infected person’s nose or mouth. Other’s can become ill from the virus if they breathe these droplets. One of the best methods to mitigate the risk is to abide by physical distancing.

The challenge faced by governments is how to balance the need to reopen the economy while, at the same time, complying with the recommendation from health experts with regards to the crucial need for physical distancing to ensure we maintain the minimum distance of two meters needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

BraiytVu was developed to be used anywhere there is a congregation of people, such as retail, factory floors, and within any high traffic area such as airports, public transportation, and emergency rooms. 

Using security cameras the software is able to detect people and using an AI algorithm to determine if a two-meter distance is being followed. The video is pushed to a hand-held device, such as a tablet, so that personnel are able to monitor crowded areas and take appropriate action to help ensure facilities remain as safe as possible for clients, customers and staff, thus ensuring confidence and the return of customers.

For more information visit and ask for a demo.

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Announcing the launch of our new site!

We’ve been quietly working on our new site and we’re delighted to officially announce its launch –

With a brand new look and feel, our goal is to showcase our exciting AI Computer Vision solutions, highlight how we can transform businesses, and give you a peek at our Braiyt Minds.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

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Ottawa, ON — Braiyt Inc., Braiyt an expert in machine learning, predictive analytics, and advanced data engineering, announces Gaston Barban as the new Vice President of Business Development. As VP of Business Development, Gaston will oversee the formation of business partnerships and negotiation of contracts, as well as lead planning and execution of strategies to increase company sales and growth.

Before joining Braiyt, Gaston Barban had a long and distinguished career in the Canadian public service as a manager, diplomat, and executive. He worked at what is now called Global Affairs Canada in the fields of passports, administration, communications, and information management and technology. With regard to the latter, he was the Chief Information Officer of the department from 2008-2012. As a diplomat, Gaston represented Canada in Rome, Italy; Canberra, Australia; and Pretoria, South Africa. He was the High Commissioner of Canada in South Africa from 2012-2015. Since his retirement in 2016, Gaston has worked as an international affairs and management consultant making him a perfect addition to the Braiyt team.

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