We believe that technology can help enhance human capabilities.

That's Why

With data and machine learning models, we create AI automations that extract insights from data.


Started with ambition and a dream about what could be.

Recognizing the wide-ranging benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Braiyt’s co-founders brought together in 2019 a small group of talented, up-and-coming AI engineers and scientists to find ways to deliver AI to business. The company focuses on AI-enabled computer vision technology and develops solutions that can enhance human capabilities.

Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


Empower our clients with AI-enabled computer vision helping them better understand & manage what they see.


To discover innovative data-driven solutions with AI automation and computer vision. Thereby, enhancing human capabilities.


Creating innovation.
With Integrity.


Meet the Team

We are intelligence in action.

In 2019, co-founders, Tamey and Warsame had a vision – To build AI products that enhanced human capabilities. Today, with the creation of an exceptional team, the vision is now a reality.

Warsame Ahmed

Co-founder & CEO

Tamey McIntosh

Co-Founder & COO