Retail Metrics Powered by AI.

Online retailers have historically held an advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar, due to the wealth of consumer data at their fingertips and the immediacy at which they can analyze this data for business decisions. Now, traditional retailers are closing this gap with computer vision-enabled AI.

Monitor Occupancy in Real-time

BraiytVu provides real-time, store-wide video-based people counting capability. This is done without capturing or identifying the identity of individuals. 

Key Zone Coverage

BraiytVu provides the ability to identify the density of key zones/areas within a floorplan to capture zone-specific metrics, analytics, and send notifications.

Customer Metrics Dashboard

BraiytVu provides store management with an easy-to-use customer metrics dashboard for both real-time and historical data accessible by phone, tablet, or computer. 


The dashboard provides key metrics on store and zone-specific density. Monitoring traffic flow and congestion, including areas of high and low volume, and duration in each zone. Metrics can be used for capacity compliance monitoring, optimize staff scheduling, as well as maximizing floor layout for product placements and promotions. 

 Understanding the customer journey within your retail store provides the ability to: 

  • Validate advertisement/promotion effectiveness
  • Correlate zone population with sales statistics
  • Understand waiting times at checkout
  • Identify congestion and/or underutilized space


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Just some of the industries using this technology

BraiytVu would be the first step in ensuring stores, gyms, or really anywhere people congregate to meet health guidelines and achieve operational efficiencies by knowing in real-time how many people are within your premises and what they are doing while there.





Occupancy Dashboard

Imagine a digital board that shows your customer the occupancy of your retail space in real-time.  A multilingual display board shows the current occupancy and provides an opportunity to display store promotions. This is an opportunity to engage your customer and inform them about promotions as they wait to get in. 

A smart solution to help build customer trust by providing your customers with the occupancy numbers at a glance, taking the guesswork out of health and safety concerns.


BraiytVu replaces the need to have an employee manually counting customers as they come and go. It provides alerts on key events using store-specific established thresholds. Monitoring capacity maximums, zone congestion, or population surges, these notifications/alerts can be sent to a handheld device for immediate action to be taken.


BraiytVu is an innovative AI solution designed to provide smart utilization of resources. Dispatch an employee to the front door only when approaching capacity. These employees can be doing other tasks, while automated technology takes care of these routine counting tasks. Major savings up to $5000/month.


BraiytVu provides the ability to inform your customers as to how busy your space is in real-time before they arrive. Current occupancy metrics can be integrated into your website. Our API is designed to provide integration with your website or mobile app. Your customers can plan their day and avoid long wait times by simply visiting your website.


Easy Installation

A step-by-step guide to getting started on your journey to turn data into powerful insights, streamline activities and help create a more satisfying customer experience.

Trusted Expert Support

Our team of experts are here for you. Reach out and we’ll answer your questions supporting your activities with faster, smarter customer service.

Intuitive Dashboard

At a glance, ensure health guidelines and operational efficiencies are being met by knowing how many people are on-premises and what they are doing while there.

Real-time Metrics

Both BraiytVu’s customer-facing and management dashboard provide real-time information to help make optimal decisions by turning data into powerful insights.


As a member, what do I get?

Depending on the package you subscribe to, you will have access to features ranging from the BraiytVu basic package which includes real-time automated store occupancy to some of the more advanced features including interactive dashboard, customer-facing display, traffic flow, zone monitoring, alerts as well as an increased number of cameras to increase zone coverage.

Will my membership auto-renew?

Once you sign up for membership, your BraiytVu membership profile will be set to auto-renew monthly. This is designed to prevent service interruption. Your credit card will be billed monthly and an invoice will be sent to the email attached to the profile.

What happens if I don’t renew?

No commitment to renew. Because we don’t install any hardware on your premises; if BraiytVu doesn’t meet your needs, you simply cancel your subscription without any penalties.

How do you ensure privacy?

The camera feed is only used for the detection of human bodies and not of individuals on the premises. In other words, there is no facial recognition or biometric data involved in BraiytVu, nor is there any storage of the camera feeds.

What is your refund policy?

It is not an annual subscription, you pay monthly as you use the system. If you canceled your subscription and somehow a charge was applied to your card, we will fully refund the full amount. No questions asked.

How can I pay?

Our payment system is very quick and simple. You select the package that suits your needs, you enter your credit card through our secure payment system, and you receive payment confirmation for each monthly transaction.