Add COMPUTER VISION to your organization

Computer Vision will help transform your business, solve problems and enhance your existing systems.


Recognize, authenticate and authorize persons or groups and give them access when and to what you want.

Health Sector

The analysis of medical images for computer-aided diagnostics is a game changer for the health sector with limitless potential to help detect illness sooner.


Make sense of your data to improve diners’ experience by simply determining who was in a queue first, to making recommendations based on past orders.


Adding Computer Vision to the retail industry can help brick & mortar businesses compete with their online counterparts.


Deliver a higher level of customer service using Facial Recognition to personalize service and improve rewards, check-ins and access.

Emergency Preparedness

Combining satellites with Computer Vision to improve real-time emergency relief, for example, allowing for escape routes to be modified after a disaster.

Meet the Braiyt Minds

Get to know the people behind Braiyt, the team dedicated to achieving common goals. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

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What We Do

Rapid advances in AI are changing businesses by re-defining the ability of organizations to better know their clients, improve customer experiences and achieve efficiencies.

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Socially Responsible Development

Braiyt integrates socially responsible principles in its AI development from the outset to ensure its products deliver a positive impact, benefitting as many people as possible.

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Step towards the edge

At Braiyt, we have ready-to-deploy Computer Vision deep learning models that run on Edge-based devices. With world-class accuracy levels in the areas of object detection, facial detection/recognition and automobile licence plate recognition (ALPR).

There is a time for AI to run in the cloud, but there are also instances where running on an Edge-based device is preferable. A few of the advantages of Edge-based AI are cost-effectiveness, standalone processing, flexibility and greater security.

Braiyt AI leads the market in privacy

The Braiyt AI platform is a privacy-minded solution designed to deliver biometric facial recognition that enables businesses to deliver enhanced consumer experience, while holding ourselves to the highest standards in consumer privacy.-
Braiyt AI leads the market by offering strong thought leadership on our industry, and driving the evolution of best practices that support consumers’ right of notice, choice and transparency. We have designed our policies and business practices around these important pillars.-
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